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Rip Curl City Slam Makassar


Makassar Sulawesi, Indonesia; 30 November 2014

East Indonesia’s most dedicated Skate and Music fans showed up on mass this weekend to Makassar, South Sulawesi to witness one of the biggest Skate events ever seen in the region.
Global Surf lifestyle brand   RIP CURL  working in partnership with the Makassar Skateboarding Association (MSA)  gave back to the community by providing a FREE Entry event in the center of the City and Karebosi Stadium featuring not only the best Skate action but also giving fans a huge show of Live Music and Fashion.

First steps to help make the event a huge success this weekend, was to service the Skate ramps at Karebosi. Working hand-in-hand with Government and the MSA, Rip Curl donated a transformed and fully re-furbished park.

‘When we first visited the City we immediately saw the potential for a big event as they already had one of the best Pro-level Skate parks in the country, it just needed some work to fix it up, said Rip Curl SEA Marketing Manager – James Hendy. With such an ideal opportunity to help the community and give something back to the sport, we jumped at the chance and helped service the ramps and threw a big event to celebrate! Today, all our efforts paid off with a great turn-out here at Karebosi stadium, continued Hendy. We want to thank everyone who came and participated in the comp as well as the fans and who came to watch and show their support.

Saturday morning started with the qualifying rounds of the Skate competition with over 60 Skaters from all over Indonesia taking part in the beginner and open divisions. Some the days best runs were nailed by 2 skateboarders  - Tenma Takahashi who comes from Japan but resides in Bali, Rip Curl team rider Dewa Oka also from Bali gave an impressive performances. Both skateboarders proved they have big futures ahead with Dewa Oka thrilling spectators with his Feeble rail slide over the big box and Tenma’s determined runs killing it over every obstacle in the park. Other standout performances of the first day came from Andhika Whardany (Samarinda) who came out on top of the beginner division and Local boy Nuzul Mboma who proved his local knowledge with faultless smooth runs in the park on the first day. 12-year-old Bradley Saunders who came all the way from his hometown of Padang to compete also gave one of the best performances of the day.

Sunday morning saw finals day and the music kick-off in full swing with over 200 Skateboarders turning up to watch and compete, again Bradley Saunders killed it nailing a full 50/ 50 rail slide on the big rail on his first run of the day seeing him take the eventual # 1 spot on the podium in the beginner division..
With the beginner round just finished at 3pm before light rain halted play, the stage was set for local band Gala Rasta to kick-off the afternoon music on the main stage getting everyone in the mood dance all night.
After a short break between bands, the Open Skate comp were back on the ramps for the final session, again with Stand Out performances coming from Dewa Oka (Bali) and Ahlan RK ( Balikpapan ) who managed the smoothest runs and impressing the Judges to take # 1 and 2 Spots in the final event rankings.

As the sun dipped on the horizon the crowds flocked it was local musicians FrontXside  who pulled the Skater fans blindig them with an insane set of Full on Hardrock. Next up was another super popular local act Billfold who turned the front of stage area into the most fearsome mosh-pit event organizers had ever seen! With a great atmosphere, no injuries and adrenalin running and its peak of the day, thus set the atmosphere for Jakarta Headliners Neurotic  to bring the party to a close with their eclectic mix of Electro Pop.

Fashion was a big part of the party as well with Famous FHM Indonesian models presenting a show of the newest collection range from Rip Curl as well as helping to present the lucky winners with their cash prizes.

Last but not least, Rip Curl wish to express their gratitude to the citizens Makassar who came and participating in our event. Especially to the mayor of the City who really helped support  and make this event a great success..

Here’s the result for the Rip Curl City Slam 2014 in Karebosi, Makassar :
Beginner Division:
1 st  Place : Bradley Saunders (Padang/Australia) 34,1
2 nd  Place : Arie ( Samarinda ) 21,1
3 rd  Place : Tenma ( Bali ) 20,1

Open Division:
1 st  Place : Dewa Oka ( Bali ) 49,3
2 nd  Place : Ahlan RK ( Balikpapan ) 33,7
3 rd  Place : Gregorius Aldwin ( Surabaya ) 27,8

Best Trick Division:
1 st  Place : Bradley Saunders ( Padang/Australia) 50/50 Down Rail
2 nd  Place : Dewa Oka ( Bali ) Feeble

The RIP CURL City Slam 2014 was sponsored by Loop by Telkomsel, Planet Surf and supported by Makassar Skateboard Association and the Federation Skateboard Indonesia.

This event is combined in association with Trax magazine, with media support from JUICE, FHM, CosmoGirl, Autocar, and Fitness For Men.


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