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Rip Curl GromSearch SE Asia Finals to be held at Canggu! Last second venue change due to surf conditions.


October 10th, 2015, 315pm -
The 12th Annual Rip Curl GromSearch SE Asia Finals venue has been officially changed from east side's Keramas to west side's Canggu this Sunday, October 11th with a  7am start. After assessing the swell conditions at Keramas this morning, it was decided that due to inconsistency of swell the entire event would be moved overnight to the famed "Canggu Right" at Parerenan Beach.

"Great waves are imperative to discovering the finest under 16 year old surfers in Indonesia." said Marketing Director James Hendy of the surprise move. "And Rip Curl has always remained committed to the highest standards of competition conditions for these future champions." Hendy went on to say that Rip Curl wants to assure that the competitors get the best waves at the best venue available. And that they want to make sure that these Groms get the opportunity to surf their best. Because the Rip Curl GromSearch Championship has been a hard fought achievement for these young surfers. "I think it is a great decision to move to Canggu." said Team Manager and Contest Director Dylan Amar, "and, thanks to the hospitality of the Parerenan Surfing Club, we are looking forward to sizzling performances at one of the most popular waves in Bali."

All the action starts tomorrow morning 7am, October 11th, at Canggu's fabulous Echo Beach. The Rip Curl GromSearch SE Asia Finals is an event sure not to miss! So come witness the future of Indonesian surfing with us!

The 2015 Rip Curl GromSearch Asia Finals are sponsored by: Posca Pens, Beach Hut Sun Cream,
Zombie Surf Wax and Bye Bye Plastic Bag. This event was sanctioned by the Asian Surfing Championship.
Media support by: TRAX magazine, Indosurflife.com, Surf Time Magazine and BaliBelly.tv

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On Boys Division:

1. Raju Sena (Bali)
2. Andre Anwar (Sumbawa Peak)
3. Ketut Agus (Bali)  
4. Putu Krisna    (Bali)
5. Ivan Prihandoyo (Jawa)
6. Febri (Jawa)
7. Selamet Karyadi (Lombok)
8. Mega Artana (Bali)
9. Rio Waida (Bali)
10. M. Alwi (Lombok)
11. Riki Fauzi (Jawa)
12. Hendry Chapman (Thailand)

On Girls Division:

1. Taina Izquerdo (Bali)
2. Lisa (Lombok)
3. Sallini Rengganis (Pacitan)
4. Cinta Hansel (Bali)
5. Kailani Johnson (Bali)
6. Dea Natasya (Bali)

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